Discover Our Growing Practices

Eaton’s Creek Organics is certified organic by the USDA and follows national organic standards.  We prioritize building our soil and are committed to environmentally safe farming methods including crop rotation, companion planting, cover crops, raised beds and sustainable pest management.  Our crops get lots of hands-on care. The proof is in the harvest—exceptional taste and quality.

Over the years we have saved seed from select varieties in our fields in order to ensure the future of those varieties. Frey Crowder Pea seed was given to us by a couple who had been shareholders in our CSA for several years. They had purchased these peas from a gardener, Ms. Frey, for years. After Ms. Frey’s death, our shareholders entrusted these delicious seeds to us to carry on, and we are honored to continue the seed saving and growing of this pea.

True Red Cranberry Pole Bean is a great baking bean; it was grown by Native Americans and is one of our oldest seeds. The variety is rare and very hard to obtain, so we treasure our seed and have saved it each year.  The Mark Twain tomato variety is another we love; it’s an heirloom red tomato. We will be saving seeds from it this year.